5 Best DHT Blocker Shampoo Products

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Best DHT Blocker Shampoo Reviews – There have been claims about the potency and the handy traits of DHT blocker shampoo, stating that the product really works. However, before you fall into the greatness of the advertisement, it is always better to check the facts and understand the overall basic knowledge. The shampoo may be designed to prevent male baldness and hair loss, but is it really working like a charm? Have a lot of people used it and enjoyed the outcome?

Understanding DHT

DHT is the abbreviation of dihydrotestosterone which is basically a male hormone (falling into steroid type) responsible for the hair loss. It is the androgen created as the byproducts of the testosterone. The DHT is basically a male sex hormone that has a quite important role, such as forming the male genitals during pregnancy.

Your body has this special enzyme that will change the testosterone to DHT, like prostate, hair follicles, liver, and skin. When you genetically are prone to hair loss, the DHT will bind to hair follicles’ receptors, making them weak, shrink, and die. In the end, the hair growth will simply stop and men experience baldness.

The DHT is the one responsible for the hair loss, so it is only logical to block it from causing further damage to the hair. Some alternative methods include using a spray to prevent the DHT from touching the follicle or using the shampoo. The DHT blocker shampoo is claimed to have all the natural ingredients that will help prevent hair follicles from dying. Another alternative is to consume a certain drug that will prevent the testosterone from being turned to DHT, but you should check and discuss it with your doctor.

Choosing the Right Shampoo

There are quite plenty of DHT blocker shampoo products out there, so you may want to keep in mind some of these handy tips:

  • Read the labels. You want to really know what the shampoo is made of. You are looking for active ingredients which can deliver a satisfying result. Be wise and read the labels to really know what you can get.
  • Stay with effective and proven ingredients. If the ingredients have been proven to work well to prevent hair loss, why would you do an experiment and try others? Once you find the one that really helps to prevent hair fall, just go with it – don’t switch for others!
  • Do your own research. You should do a deeper research on the product you want to buy. Don’t just believe the claims, especially too sweet words that seem bombastic and all.
  • Combine shampoo. You want to have a shampoo that can be combined with other products, especially to boost the hair growth. An exclusive shampoo isn’t always the best.
  • Be logical. You should realize that hair loss is one of the most difficult problems to tackle. The best shampoo is the one that can stop the hair fall and reduction, giving the time for the scalp to grow new hair. Be aware if there are claims stating that you can have a bushy and super thick hair in a short time span. You should have known better as it is a false claim.

Best DHT Blocker Shampoo – Top 5 Products

It is a good thing that there are several products that seem to have a promising quality to help your problem and promote better hair growth.

#1. Pura D’or

best dht blocker shampoo pura dor

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As one of the best DHT blocker shampoo products, this one has one of the best-proven results. Although most people who use it don’t have overly bushy or thick hair, they DO experience hair growth. The good thing is: the hair fall simply stops falling! Here are some of the greatest features of the product:

  • The ingredients are powerful, including antioxidants, Biotin, Argan oil, and Biotin. All of these ingredients are great for the skin and hair, and when combined together, they can create a powerful effect.
  • The idea is to promote healthy scalp first. When you have a healthy scalp, then the rest will follow. The shampoo will clean the scalp as well as preventing further hair loss
  • The shampoo feels nice and gentle when used, making it safe for everyday usage.
  • The shampoo has a nice smell, which is soothing and relaxing.
  • It feels clean after the usage.
  • The hair loss seems to slow down after the usage, and some of the thinning areas have gained new hair.
  • It doesn’t foam so it’s kind of hard to see whether the shampoo is covering the scalp or not.
  • Some people experience defective pump.
  • Some people say that the product is much better before the new bottle is introduced. It seems that the old one had more positive effects and potency.

#2. Pronexa

best dht blocker shampoo pronexa

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Another alternative for the DHT blocker shampoo is the product from Pronexa. It may look simple but don’t underestimate its power. When you buy a shampoo, you want something that isn’t only effective but it should also be able to treat your hair – making it soft or silky or healthy. Well, this one can do it all! Some of the greatest features are:

  • The ingredients are natural and organic, so you won’t have to worry that it will be harsh on your hair. In fact, it will keep your hair smooth and soft to the touch.
  • It contains some of the important ingredients to boost hair growth and prevent further hair loss, such as Biotin. They will improve hair elasticity and strength, preventing breakage that can lead to hair fall.

It is FDA approved, which means that it has gone through the clinical testing and safety standard.

  • Most users claim that their hair fall stops and they can see new hair starts growing.
  • The shampoo makes the hair feel soft and smooth too. It has a nice effect after usage.
  • The shampoo has this nice soothing effect, mostly from the smell and the improved hair texture.
  • The price is quite expensive. It would be great if the price can go down or the bottle can be bigger.

#3. Groganics

best dht blocker shampoo groganics

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This DHT blocker shampoo may seem like a compact option for the shampoo, but it has quite a powerful potency that will stop the hair fall quite efficiently. A lot of users claim that they can see a significant reducing of the hair fall. In addition, they see some of the thinning areas begin covered by new hair. It is advisable, though, to use the shampoo limited to the scalp area only. Some users experience dryness on the skin around the forehead when they apply it too much to the forehead. Some of the beneficial features are:

  • It is super easy to use.
  • The shampoo has a nice smell and it also helps soften the hair.
  • The shampoo can be combined and used with other products to boost the positive result.
  • The hair fall seems to stop falling. Most users experience a significant reduction of the hair fall and they can see the sign of hair regrowth.
  • It has a nice smell – not overwhelming or too much, but nice and soothing.
  • Some thinning areas start to regrow hair again.
  • It softens the hair.
  • The bottle is little – most users hope that it would be coming in a bigger bottle.
  • The progress is quite slow.

#4. Hair Restoration

best dht blocker shampoo hair restoration

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If you are looking for a super potent and powerful DHT blocker shampoo, and yet it should be gentle enough without containing any harsh chemical substances, you should try this one. It has one of the most promising benefits, with mostly positive reviews from those who have used it. The features to like about the shampoo are:

  • The ingredients are safe and organic. They have been clinically proven to combat hair loss, including blocking the DHT from interacting with the hair follicles.
  • Not only the ingredients are organic, they also contain important nutrients and vitamins that can help the hair growth from within, making it healthier, stronger, and thicker. Most importantly, they are free from artificial substances, like silicone, paraben, or sulfate.
  • The shampoo has a matching conditioner which comes with the same strength and potency.
  • The bottle is bigger than most people have expected.
  • The shampoo is gentle and safe. Unlike other products, it doesn’t dry the hair or cause a breakout to the surrounding skin or area.
  • So far, none.

#5. Advanced Trichology HairStem

best dht blocker shampoo hairstem

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Another best DHT blocker shampoo is this one, designed to stop hair fall. It is able to clean the scalp as well as promoting its health. The other features to like are:

  • The ingredients are natural, including aloe vera, Biotin, Amica Montana, and tea oil.
  • The combination of powerful ingredients and the advanced system will make this shampoo ideal to stop hair loss
  • The shampoo comes with a money back guarantee, which means that you won’t lose anything, sound good?
  • The shampoo feels nice, it is smooth and soft.
  • It has a nice smell too.
  • Some people experience no result with this product.

Final Words

The recommended products we’ve reviewed here are good enough to help your hair loss problem. Be sure to do your research well before choosing the best DHT blocker shampoo that is ideal for your condition.

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