6 Best Indoor Tanning Lotion Products with Great Usages and Easy Application

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Best Indoor Tanning Lotion – Before choosing the best indoor tanning lotion, it would be best if you can view your options and make an educated research. Sure, some people prefer the indoor tanning products but the other ones like the outdoor types better. There are differences in the terms as well as the ingredients of the manufacturing process. If you want to get the best results, knowing the basic facts will help a lot.

About Tanning Lotion

The meaning of tanning lotion is quite wide and broad, referring to any product that can increase the production of melanin within the skin faster, resulting in darker skin complexion. The purpose is to get the darkest, deepest, and longest tanning outcome. The lotion should also contain ingredients that will hydrate and moisturize the skin, maintaining its health. When you are about to choose the best indoor tanning lotion, be sure to check the ingredients.

There are 3 different types of the tanning lotion:

  • Outdoor Lotion. One of the fastest ways to get a tanned look is to sunbathe, but applying the lotion can help make the skin look darker faster. Outdoor lotion should have sunscreens that will prevent too much sunray from affecting your skin, preventing the possibility of skin cancer.
  • Indoor Lotion. The lotion should be used along with the tanning lamps or beds. Since the tanning process is done indoor, the lotion contains ingredients that block the artificial UV lights. The ingredients shouldn’t damage the beds either – unlike the ones found on outdoor lotion.
  • Sunless Lotion. You basically only need to apply the lotion and you should look tan right away. However, the effect only lasts for a few days and you should see it gone after 3 weeks. This is considered the safest types of all because you won’t be exposed to any dangerous UV rays.

The Basic Benefits

Some people are really into the tanning beds so much, so the information about the best indoor tanning lotion is truly important for them. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt to know some of the basic benefits of the indoor tanning lotion over the other types.

  • It helps you achieve faster and darker tan result. You can expect brown effect right away after the session is over.
  • It helps you maintain smooth, soft, and supple skin, thanks to the content of the moisturizer. After all, you want your skin to remain healthy and glowing – not dull, old, or unhealthy like dry skin. It is always possible to tan your skin while maintaining its condition. You may want to check whether a product contains hemp seed or aloe oil.
  • It helps you feel cool, especially under the hot bulbs. You don’t want to choose a product containing a heating element that will make you somewhat feverish when using the bed.
  • It helps prevent any burning or uneven result. Without the lotion, it is possible that the result will be uneven – making yourself look blotchy.

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion – Our Top Picks

Finding the right indoor tanning lotion for every skin type is not easy. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t find the best one. Here we have some recommended products that worth considering to try.

#1. Millenium Tanning New Solid Black

millennium solid black best indoor tanning lotion

If you are looking for the best indoor tanning lotion, this one has been recommended by a lot of people. They like the fact that they only need to apply a little of the lotion and yet they can get the darkest and deepest natural tan even. There are some likable features about this product too:

  • It is a tan enhancer, so it will make the tanning process faster.
  • It smells nice.
  • In case of streaks, you can always scrub it off and it will go away easily.
  • Some users claim that the tanning works gradually. It seems that they only get brown a little after the use along with the bed, but after several days, the tan gets darker and darker. They finally get the deep tan that they have always wanted.
  • The bronzer looks natural.
  • The smell is nice, and the result is natural.
  • Some users don’t experience any changes at all. The lotion doesn’t seem to work on their complexion.
  • It can leave a stain when not carefully or evenly applied.
  • Some users experience having marks on their hands even after they wash it.
  • You need to shake it well or you will end up with orange streaks.

#2. Australian Gold

australian gold best indoor tanning lotion

It shouldn’t be surprising if this product is included in the list of the best indoor tanning lotion products because it has all the great traits. With a nice design and just the right size, no wonder if a lot of people like this product. There are tons of things to like about this product, anyway:

  • It doesn’t leave any weird streak or residue.
  • It contains vitamin E and A that will moisturize your skin and keep it healthy.
  • The feel of the lotion is smooth and silky, and you can expect yourself to remain soft and supple. It won’t dry you out.
  • The product doesn’t contain bronzer and yet it can make the skin go dark right away, which is quite amazing.
  • The smell is nice.
  • It is one of the gradually tanning products, so you can expect yourself to get darker and darker every day.
  • Shipping and packaging are problematic – it can take too long for the shipment. Some buyers receive improper packages.
  • It may cause skin breakout when used by overly sensitive skin.

#3. Just Nutritive

just nutritive best indoor tanning lotion

This lotion will make the tan go faster and even longer. No need to worry about having a weird orange-ish complexion because you won’t experience such a skin. In fact, you can expect healthy, supple, and young glow. Here are some of the greatest features:

  • The ingredients are natural, with avocado oils, kokum butter, and Aloe Vera included in them.
  • It is also safe when used with the tanning bed, not leaking or leaving any weird stain here and there. No wonder if this product is also considered as one of the best indoor tanning lotion ever made.
  • It has this nice and soothing smell.
  • It feels nice on the skin and it moisturizes the skin too.
  • It delivers a quick result, only within minutes of application.
  • It can take a while for the lotion to be absorbed by the skin.
  • It is expensive.

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#4. SunGodZ

sungodz best indoor tanning lotion

Don’t you hate it when you use a tanning lotion and it comes off little by little? Well, if you have this one, you won’t have to worry about such a thing because it has the so-called shower proof system. It doesn’t easily wear off like other products. You may like the extra benefits of this lotion, such as:

  • Your skin will remain smooth and silky.
  • The bronzer doesn’t feel heavy. In fact, it feels creamy and somewhat rich.
  • It comes with anti-fade ingredients and tattoo protectant. You can expect darker and deepest tan with natural complexion.
  • It isn’t greasy or feels weird on your skin, making it worth the title of the best indoor tanning lotion.
  • The tan quality is gorgeous.
  • The smell is nice, reminding you of the ocean.
  • It delivers fast result in no time.
  • It doesn’t have any SPF.

#5. Devoted Creations Somewhere on a Beach

devoted creations best indoor tanning lotion

If you want to transform yourself into this nice and natural tan without leaving the house, this lotion will serve you well. A lot of people say that the result is fast, and it is amazing. They can have a tan look even when they don’t have to spend hours under the sun. There are also other traits that you may find appealing from this product:

  • It won’t cause any stain or streak.
  • It comes with anti-aging content that will reduce wrinkles and fine lines for prolonged use.
  • The ingredients are natural and safe, including walnut and coconut oil that will hydrate and soften the skin.
  • It is one of the flexible and the best indoor tanning lotion products which can be used indoor as well as outdoor.
  • It delivers nice bronzer effect in natural complexion without the weird orange tint.
  • It has a nice smell. It won’t leave any odd odor once the application is set.
  • It doesn’t have the regular burnt smell.
  • For those who want to have only a light tan, this product will be too much because it produces dark and deep tan – which may be actually a good news for some people.

#6. Millennium Tanning Products Paint It Black Hemp

millennium paint it best indoor tanning lotion

If you are looking for a lotion that can deliver dark and fast tan while moisturizing it at the same time, this one will suit your needs. The things you like about this product are:

  • Hemp oil is great to moisturize the skin.
  • It delivers the darkest bronzer without making you look orange.
  • The skin feels rich and smooth after the lotion is applied.
  • The bronzer is great to deliver a perfect tan result.
  • With even and careful application, you should be able to have a nice color.
  • The application is easy and simple.
  • It will leave a stain on your hands. Although you can always wash it off, it takes several washes to get rid of the color.
  • Some people don’t really like the smell.

Final Words

These are some of the recommended products you can consider. If you can make a deep research, you should be able to choose the best indoor tanning lotion fitting your needs just perfectly.

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