Best Keratin Shampoo Products for Repairing and Strengthening Hair

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Best Keratin Shampoo Reviews – Keratin shampoos are quite a trend these days. You can see many advertisements in TV and newspapers, from various brands, each boasting to have the best Keratin Shampoo. So what is all this fuzz about? Read on to find out more.

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What is Keratin and what does it do to your hair?

Keratin is a protein that is considered to do great things to your hair. It makes hair shiny, strong, smooth and more importantly healthy. It is interesting to note that Keratin is naturally present in our hair and other parts like the skin and nails. But the amount of natural Keratin may deteriorate due to several reasons, resulting in dry and fragile hair.

These reasons may include physical damage, damage done by other chemical hair products or even due to the effects of external environmental factors like the sun, salt water, and dust. When the Keratin levels in the hair drops, the hair cuticles widen or expand and the hair looks dead. Frizzy hair, hair fall and split ends become pronounced. A Keratin treatment helps replenish the lost natural keratin and makes your hair look and feel alive again.

How and why are Keratin shampoos popular?

Initially, keratin hair treatment was first instigated in Brazil. Nicknamed as ‘Brazilian blow-outs’, these treatments were done to straighten curly or wavy hair. Then the treatment gained more popularity and moved to the United States. As the market for the keratin treatment grew, the focus audience grew larger and the treatment was converted to a ‘smoothening treatment’ for all types of hair.

Soon to make it people-friendly, the Keratin products moved from saloons to shampoos. Initially, some of these shampoos were said to prolong and protect the effects of the saloon treatment. Then new products that were capable of doing the entire process on their own, without the help of saloons began to emerge. Since these shampoos eliminated the need for costly saloon treatments, they became an instant hit.

Does it really work?

Though many people wanted to try them out immediately, there were others who were still sceptic. It was a hot argument whether these Keratin Shampoos could actually partially or fully replace the traditional saloon treatment.

Though many experts as still confused about the effectiveness of these Keratin Shampoos, it is a common consensus that these shampoos do work; but maybe not as quick as their saloon treatment counterparts. If used correctly, with the right dosage, it can slowly and steadily help increase the protein levels in your hair. And in due time you will be able to see visible effects, if not immediately.

Are there any side effects because of using Keratin shampoos?

The effects of Keratin treatment are different for different individuals. Some products may contain certain chemicals that can cause skin irritation and even mild allergies leading to rashes or itching. But since shampoos tend to be much slower and milder than the saloon treatment, you can stop or switch products midway if you face any uneasiness.

Popular myths regarding keratin shampoos

There are certain myths that have evolved with these Keratin Shampoos over time. Let us help you bust a few.

Myth 1

Best Keratin Shampoo acts immediately: The effectiveness of the shampoo can never be judged based on the time it takes to act. Some shampoos may act quicker but may lead to other damaging effects, while others take a long time to get active but have comparatively permanent results.

Myth 2

Best Keratin Shampoo is costly: This is not always true. As far as these shampoos are concerned, the cost can never be used as a scale to measure the quality and efficiency of the product. The reason for a particular shampoo’s high cost might be as simple as the promotion from major brands.

Besides some of these costlier shampoos may contain sulfates to give you instant effects. But this is just an illusion and your hair will not get any better on the long run. So needless to say, avoid shampoos with high percentages of sulfates.

Myth 3

Applying more shampoo gives better results: Keep in mind that these Keratin shampoos are not as mild as your regular shampoos. The dosage is very important. Please read the instructions on the pack before usage.

Do not apply more than the amount specified. And also do not leave the shampoo on your hair for longer durations. An overdose of Keratin can also cause damage just like the absence of it. Also make sure that you get the frequency of usage is right.

Myth 4

This shampoo X is the best Keratin Shampoo: It is essential to note that no Keratin Shampoo can cater the needs of all types of hair. There are many products on the market that will be suitable but not all will be effective on your hair. The shampoo that works wonders for your friend’s hair, may not have the same effect on yours. There is no thumb rule for this. This will have to be found on a trial and error basis.

Best Keratin Shampoo Products

Since there are multitude of such keratin products on the market today, we are bringing to your attention some of the most reliable brands and their best Keratin Shampoo. Hopefully, you will find your ideal shampoo here in this list.

#8. OGX

The Anti-Breakage + Keratin Oil from OGX is another product worthy of the price. This shampoo comes in a fine creamy consistency with Argan oil and other essentials that make your hair much stronger while increasing it elasticity to prevent frequent breakage. It reduces damage from the daily brushing, styling, and ironing and gives you softer, smoother, and happier looking locks.

best keratin shampoo - OGX

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The anti-breakage system is very effective as this sulfate free product fortifies each and every single hair strand. Your hair will look more voluminous visibly within days. You will notice and appreciate the results when you see the reduced fallen hair in your comb. To add to these advantages, this shampoo also has and refreshing, irresistible smell.

#7. Hask Shampoo

The Keratin Protein Smoothing shampoo from Hask is one of the cheaper, yet highly reliable products out there. From repairing damaged ends to adding volume, this product does it all. It starts acting immediately after the first wash; you can touch and feel the difference in smoothness. But to see visible changes it might take some time.

best keratin shampoo - hask

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For many hair types, there is no need to use a conditioner after using this shampoo as it almost works like a two in one product, even if not mentioned so. Chemically, it is a lot milder than the other products and can be used without worrying. It is not as effective as other products in terms of controlling the prevalent frizz, but it is definitely worth the price.

#6. Matrix Biolage

Manufactured in the US, the Advanced Keratindose Pro-Keratin Silk Shampoo and Conditioner combination from Matrix Biolage is another product that helps strengthen, repair and restore over-processed hair. It does not contain any sulfates or other parabens system that can cause further damage or unnecessary side effects to your already worn out hair.

best keratin shampoo - matrix biolage

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It can also be safely used on chemically color treated hair. Apart from repairing the damage, the shampoo and conditioner combination creates a luxurious softness and makes your hair feel breathable and alive. It has an underlying sweet fragrance.

The best feature of this product is perhaps its ease of use. The shampoo lathers better than the most other products and the conditioner is also very easy to spread and wash off.

#5. CHI

The Best Keratin Shampoo from CHI is sulfate free and has all the right ingredients to give your hair an exciting look and a bouncy feel. It majorly focuses on Keratin replenishment and damage reconstruction. Apart from Keratin, it also has Jojoba and Argan oils to help the product penetrate deeper into the hair follicles and provides a long-lasting effect.

best keratin shampoo - chi

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This shampoo is very effective on the long run and it also helps prevent future damage and breakage if used regularly. If you are someone who constantly abuses your hair by highlighting, blow drying and flat ironing, then this shampoo is your ideal repair mechanism. It helps completely eliminate or at least mitigate the damage without causing a build-up.

#4. Pure Brazilian

The Anti-Frizz Daily Shampoo and Conditioner Duo Set from Pure Brazilian is another worthy combination for repairing damaged hair. It comes with both Keratin and Cocoa Butter and is safe to use with colored hair. Unlike other popular Keratin shampoos, this one is gentle and much milder but just as effective. It can be used on a daily basis without worry of over usage.

best keratin shampoo - pure brazilian

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It reduces frizz by infusing moisture and other essential nutrients. The shampoo is salt-free and helps prolong prior treatment effects if any. The conditioner protects and strengthens the hair cuticles and ensures healthier growth. The best feature of this combo is its ability to impart an optimum level of smoothness that is not too dry and not too slippery and unmanageable.

#3. Tresemme

Tresemme’s Keratin Smooth Infusing Shampoo + Conditioner combo is a high-quality product that is bound to work as effectively as professional treatments. It makes your hair smooth, shiny and frizz free. After repeated usage of the shampoo and conditioner, you will find that the hair has become a lot more manageable, effortless to untangle and easy to style.

best keratin shampoo - tresemme

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Apart from this, the defects such as split ends are also comparatively reduced. As a final result, your hair appears much healthier and fuller. The smell is delightful too! It is also suitable for chemically treated hair. It has lower sulfate content than most other high achieving shampoos and the price is also surprisingly cheaper for a product from a well-renowned brand.

#2. Pure Biology

The Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo (Unisex) from Pure Biology not only has Keratin but also includes other ingredients like Biotin to form an anti-hair fall complex. Loaded with natural extracts and two other special proprietary complexes, this shampoo has been clinically approved for treatment of hair loss and breakage and is also said to stimulate faster hair growth.

best keratin shampoo - pure biology

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The proprietary complexes are used to stimulate cell growth for hair follicle development and enable deeper penetration of the product. It can also strengthen your hair and add volume to it. It is suitable for both genders and usually works well on all hair types. This product is a bit slow to act at first but totally worth the long-time effect.

#1. Keratin Complex

As one of the best Keratin shampoo products, the Keratin Color Care Duo (Shampoo + Conditioner) from Keratin Complex is a great combination for not only keratin treated hair but also color treated hair. It does not contain harmful sulfates or sodium chlorides that may impair your color. Because of this, you will not have to worry about chemical damage to your hair.

best keratin shampoo - keratin complex

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The shampoo cleanses the hair and the hydrating conditioner smoothens and protects it from further damage. This even helps retain the color and keratin treatment for prolonged durations. It is a popular combination from a trusted brand that is often recommended by hair colorists and stylists.

Even without prior Keratin treatment or external hair coloring, this product works wonders for your hair. It leaves hair soft and manageable with a light clean scent.


Finding the best keratin shampoo is a challenging task. However, after going through this list of products, you would have got a rough idea of what to expect from a good Keratin based shampoo. The list of shampoos is not restricted to the above products.

There are a lot of other brands and variants in the market. But the ones mentioned above have been proved to be quite effective based on both the quality of ingredients as well as the satisfaction of the customers.

So if you are looking to start your keratin treatment journey or looking for an effective alternative with better and long-lasting effects, then the above list of best Keratin shampoo products is a great place to start.