Best Korean BB Cream – Top 7 Picks

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The fuss about the Best Korean BB cream has been going on for a while – it happens within the last few years. It is an important part of the makeup routine, believed to deliver even outcome and better result when applied correctly and properly.

There are some products known for their effectiveness and positive result out there, but narrowing down your pick to one product can be a headache. That’s why it is wise if you can check the basic facts and the extra information that will make your research complete. Remember, this product will be used on your skin, especially your face. You don’t want to risk it, do you?

About BB Cream

BB is the short form for many terms:  blemish balm, beauty balm, or blemish base. Women have their own routine when getting ready, right? It usually takes quite a long time for them to be ready – mostly because they have this long procedure of applying the makeup.

Well, with the BB cream, you can cut the preparation time so it won’t take so long to apply the makeup. This product is believed to substitute primer, foundation, serum, moisturizer, and also sunblock. So, instead of buying these products, you can only buy one BB cream and that’s it!

So, what are the basic benefits of the BB cream, anyway?

  • First of all, it helps to brighten the skin, as well as concealing the blemishes, moisturizing the skin, and evening out the tone – creating a flawless and perfect skin condition.
  • Second, you can save a lot of money. Since it substitutes myriads of other products, you can now save your money by only buying a product – instead of many of them.
  • Third, you can cut down the preparation time for applying the makeup. The result is faster without compromising the look of your final result.

All of these benefits can be found on many best Korean BB cream products. But there are also some considerations that you need to make before choosing one.

The Best Korean BB Cream – Our Top Picks

Naturally, you need to choose the right one if you want to enjoy a worthy outcome. Why is the hype of the best Korean BB cream happening now? What’s the difference with the western BB creams? Well, Korean BB product is about lighter shade while most of the western BB cream has a slight bronzer or tint on them. It’s more about the skin complexion really. Whereas most Koreans have fair and light skin, the western people prefer the darker complexion. Moreover, the Korean products come with full coverage while the western products are lighter.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the shade, skin type, age, and SPF coverage. Whatever product that you choose, be sure to choose products with the right coverage. It will protect your skin and prevent the possibility of skin cancer or other skin problems. If you don’t rush things, you should be able to make an educated decision of which product would be the best Korean BB cream for your needs.

#1. NYX

best korean bb cream nyx

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NYX has been known as one of the best Korean BB cream products that have nice blend and texture, and yet it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It is rich in minerals and it is also oil-free. It is able to smooth the skin, as well as moisturizing and brightening the skin at the same time. The features that you will like are:

  • Lightweight formula and consistency that will deliver smooth complexion.
  • It is able to cover the skin but it is quite sheer – not heavy or thick, creating natural look makeup.
  • The color is natural and the product really conceals the blemishes.
  • The price is pocket friendly – most users claim it to be affordable, if not cheap.
  • The final outcome is perfect and amazing, creating a flawless look.
  • Some users experience getting an excessive thick product.
  • The product is sheer so some users don’t feel that it blends well.
  • You need to complete the makeup with powder. Otherwise, it will be so shiny.

#2. Missha

best korean bb cream missha

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If you are looking for one of the best Korean BB cream, you should take a look at this one. It is claimed to deliver a perfect outcome with a very smooth finish and porcelain-like result. Some of the great things about this product are:

  • The texture is light – matching to the lightweight design.
  • It is perfect for all kinds of skin types, even the older ones.
  • It protects the skin while preventing acne at the same time.
  • The price is pocket friendly – it is pretty affordable and yet the final outcome is just the same as the other expensive products.
  • It delivers great and full coverage but the texture itself isn’t thick or heavy.
  • It smoothes the skin, making it supple and soft without drying it off.
  • The final result is natural.
  • It can be difficult to find the perfect shade for darker skin.

#3. Maybelline

best korean bb cream maybelline

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This BB cream comes with a combination of gel and water that contains zero heavy substances and oil. Can it protect your skin from the sun? Absolutely! It can conceal your skin just nicely and it won’t clog the pores. If you want to enjoy the great benefits, here are some of the features:

  • It softens the skin and creates a fresh effect.
  • It creates a natural glow which will boost the skin’s health.
  • Perfect for all kinds of skin types.
  • There are 5 different shades available – all are created for brightening, hydrating, and also protecting your skin from the sun and other pollutants.
  • The cream can deliver the creamy result on the skin, making it look fresh and natural.
  • The color blends well.
  • It doesn’t cause any acne breakout.
  • It can create the dewy look without overdoing it.
  • It feels thick and somewhat heavier.
  • It has an oily texture, which won’t be a problem to those who don’t have issues with it.

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#4. L’Oréal

best korean bb cream loreal

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One of the reasons why this cream is considered as the best Korean BB cream is because of its multifunctional use. It is able to correct the flecks or skin imperfections while at the same time prime the skin for its best condition. Then, it is able to hydrate the skin and then perfect it for the ultimate perfect finishing. The features to love about this product are:

  • It contains natural ingredients, including vitamin E and also C.
  • The final outcome will be bare skin with great perfection.
  • The product is lightweight.
  • The coverage is great, offering a full closure and concealment.
  • It feels light. Even when applied to the skin, it doesn’t feel heavy or thick.
  • It smoothes the skin, making it ready for the next stage of makeup.
  • Some users find out that the color doesn’t come as expected.
  • Some skin colors may not find the suitable match.

#5. Marcelle

best korean bb cream marcelle

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Are you looking for a BB cream that can make your skin glowing? This one will deliver the outcome that you want. The cream comes with self-adjusting pigment that can be adapted to the medium and fair tone. No wonder if this product is claimed as one of the best Korean BB cream ever made. The features to like about this product are:

  • It is packed with antioxidants that will make your skin look fresher and younger.
  • The contents of chamomile and aloe will hydrate the skin.
  • The ingredients are able to prevent early aging while calming the skin at the same time.
  • It is free of fragrance. It is also non-comedogenic, paraben-free, and also oil-free.
  • It is able to create even complexion and skin tone.
  • Lightweight, not burdening the skin at all.
  • It can create a natural glow and shine.
  • It is too golden. For some users, their skin looks too yellow after several hours.

#6. Skin79

best korean bb cream skin79

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The cream is able to prep the skin, cleaning it perfectly without causing any breakout. Most users who have used it claim to have a flawless and dewy finish. The benefits of using this cream are:

  • It comes with anti-wrinkle traits that will conceal fine lines and prevent wrinkles.
  • The product has nice SPF contents and level.
  • It won’t cause the skin to get dark after application.
  • The texture is light and sheer.
  • It is perfect for daily use because of its lightness.
  • It smudges and flakes.
  • It is mostly perfect for very pale people – not even for light or dark tone.

#7. Smashbox

best korean bb cream smashbox

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If you want to get the best coverage and outcome, this one can be a good alternative. Some of the promising features are:

  • It is smooth with an even texture.
  • It creates a natural and dewy-like effect.
  • It is able to activate the skin’s natural ability to moisturize itself.
  • It is perfect for all kinds of skin types, including the imperfect and complicated skin.
  • It is thick. Some users experience a rather difficult time when they want to apply it.
  • It is expensive.

Those are some of the top-notch options for the perfect BB cream. So, which of these best Korean BB cream products suit your needs?

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