Best Natural Foundation that Improves the Skin and Prevents Issues

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It takes extra efforts to finally find the best natural foundation, but once you find it, it feels that you have finally made an achievement for yourself and you should pat yourself on the back. Then again, when you are looking for the perfect item, there are tons of them out there, and narrowing down your option isn’t an easy feat. However, there are things that can make your efforts easier and you should start it from now.

The Basic Functions

Before the fuss about finding the best natural foundation, let’s start with the simplest question: what is a foundation? It is basically a makeup that is used to cover up blemishes or uneven skin tone. The idea is to create an even and perfect ‘palette’ or ‘canvas’ before you start with your makeup routine. Any skin imperfection can be covered with this foundation. Sometimes it is also used to change the real skin tone. Is it important? Yes, it is. If you want to achieve a flawless effect and perfect makeup, this would be an important step in your preparation. Without it, your makeup won’t be perfect.

About Natural Foundation

When it comes to natural foundation, we are talking about a product that is made and created from only natural and organic ingredients. Basically, everything organic or natural can be used for making the foundation. As long as they are safe for all kinds of skin types, these natural foundations are pretty safe for regular or daily use. And if they don’t cause allergic reactions or aggravate a certain skin condition, you should be fine. Some foundations are also functioning as sunscreen, base layer, astringent, or moisturizer – again, it depends on your pick.

Whether you choose a product packed with the anti-aging agent or refreshing trait that can keep it long lasting as well as helping your skin maintain its youth and glow, be sure that the natural foundation is perfect for the skin and it is healthy. Instead of wearing you down, the makeup should be able to improve your condition. Moreover, it should be packed with nutrients and vitamins. You can see from the ingredients that it is packed with veggies and fruits, instead of artificial dyes or synthetic substance.

Foundation Tips

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist just to be able to choose the right foundation. Simply follow some of these tips and you are good to go!

Go with the skin type 

Do you have oily skin? Powder foundation is the best answer. Do you have dry skin? Stick or liquid foundation would be the best. It has this creamy texture that will cover the blemishes and create a perfect result.

Read the ingredients 

If you have a skin that is sensitive to acne, the foundation should have salicylic acid. What if you suffer from flaky and dry skin? A foundation with a serum will help moisturize it.

Check the undertone

Your skin undertone plays a huge deal in picking the right foundation. Check your wrists and see your veins. Are they purple or blue? It means you have a cool undertone. If it is olive, then it is warm. If it is blue-green, then you have the neutral undertone. The perfect shade for cool undertone is pink based hue, while the warm tone will be perfect with peach or yellow based. Neutral tone is great with yellow hue.

Don’t be afraid to mix up colors.

Mixing a darker shade with a lighter one? Why not? Mixing several colors and shades together? Feel free to do it so you can finally come up with the best natural foundation and the best shades.

Best Natural Foundation Products

#1. EVXO Natural Coverage

best natural foundation evxo

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If you are looking for a product that is light and safe, and it is able to enhance your beauty without adding up artificial to the skin, this would be the best natural foundation that you have ever found. The foundation is light, and you can build layers of it to reach full coverage. The benefits of this product are:

  • It won’t clog the pores.
  • The materials are safe, natural, and organic – leaving your skin flawless and healthy at the same time.
  • It isn’t greasy. In fact, you can expect a dewy-like finish that creates a fresh look.
  • The foundation is pretty gentle on the skin and it doesn’t result in breakouts.
  • The coverage is light but it is able to cover nicely, evenly, and fully.
  • The tone is perfect for most skin shades although it may look darker on the bottle.
  • The options for the shades are quite limited.
  • It doesn’t last very long – not the entire day.
  • Some users are annoyed by the smell.

#2. CoverGirl

best natural foundation covergirl

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As one of the best natural foundation, this foundation has a nice and fresh feeling after you apply it. Moreover, it is packed with tons of good stuff:

  • It can cover wrinkles and fine lines just perfectly, creating a floating look on them.
  • Comes with the anti-aging serum to maintain the youthful look.
  • It has different shades but all of them have this radiant finish that makes your face glowing.
  • The foundation feels light and refreshing once applied.
  • It blends nicely to the skin, giving a sheer look.
  • The shade is nice and mixes well with the skin.
  • Some users experience grease on their face when applied but it dries on its own.
  • It can be difficult to find.

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#3. Milani

best natural foundation milani

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If you don’t want to deal with the hassle when applying the foundation, this product will help. As one of the best natural foundation, you can expect a flawless result without any disappointment. The things to like about this product are:

  • It is light and yet able to cover the entire face just nicely.
  • Enhance the natural skin tone without overdoing it.
  • It is not greasy and feels light as a feather.
  • Can cover all kinds of skin imperfections.
  • Sheer, but it is also cover the whole face in such a full coverage manner.
  • Smooth.
  • Some users experience cakey result, which doesn’t blend well with their appearance.
  • The shade is too dark for some users.

#4. L’Oréal Paris

best natural foundation loreal

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This is one of the best natural foundation products in the form of the powder that can deliver perfect coverage and smooth finish. The professional brush is easy to apply, among other things you will love about this foundation:

  • The foundation can deliver a fresh finish in a sheer and yet full coverage without you looking like wearing heavy makeup.
  • Light, and it can cover just perfectly.
  • It has control shine which will prevent greasy and oily look.
  • It is long lasting but not up to the whole day – you will have to retouch once every 7 to 8 hours.
  • The final result is smooth and matte.
  • The foundation can cover very well.
  • It is gentle on the skin and it creates a flawless look.
  • The powdery texture enhances skin freckles instead of covering them up.
  • Some users have problems with the design.

#5. Youngblood

best natural foundation youngblood

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As one of the best natural foundation products available on the market, Youngblood comes in a powdery form that is designed for the oily type. Coverage is perfect and smooth, and you can feel its lightness on your skin. There are so many things to like about this foundation:

  • Despite the powdery form, it is designed for all kinds of skin types. Even when you have a dry skin, you can always mix this foundation with any mineral products to create a creamy texture.
  • The ingredients are all natural and organic. You won’t have to worry that it may cause side effects, or it has artificial substances in it.
  • The product is light and fresh – it allows your skin to breathe freely while providing the best coverage.
  • It has naturally luminous and glowing finish that will make you glow with supple-looking skin.
  • It can provide good coverage – whether it is medium or full.
  • It reduces shines and the result is sheer but fresh – perfect for summertime.
  • It shows and enhances the wrinkles after long hours of application.
  • The shade is too dark.
  • The foundation tends to make skin dry.

#6. Christian Dior Diorskin

diorskin best natural foundation

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Are you looking for a product that can give the sheer appearance, and yet you don’t want your face to be burdened by it? This would be the perfect option for your needs. It makes your skin flawless and glides just nicely. Some of the best features of this product are:

  • Cover the skin without clogging it so your skin is still able to breathe.
  • Creates a natural look as if you wore nothing.
  • It is flexible as you can mix it with other minerals or shades to create the perfect outcome.
  • The foundation is able to provide good coverage with a fresh finish.
  • Most users claim that the foundation is like their second skin. It can create a smooth finish.
  • The dropper is super handy.
  • The result isn’t long lasting – you must retouch it after several hours.
  • The smell can be annoying.

#7. BareMinerals Barepro

bareminerals best natural foundation

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Not many foundations are able to improve the condition of the skin or repair it, but this one is different. As one of the best natural foundation products manufactured, it can reduce shine, reduce the pores, and increase the natural clarity of your skin. Other benefits of this foundation are:

  • It can create an even skin tone, especially for older users.
  • The result is full coverage but it is light on the skin, so it isn’t heavy at all.
  • The result is fresh, but it does create an amazing finish.
  • The pressed compact is convenient because you can avoid mess during the application.
  • The feel to the skin is nice.
  • It creates a flawless effect with fair coverage.
  • The coverage is full but not heavy.
  • For some users, the foundation makes their appearance flaky.
  • The shade doesn’t suit them well.

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#8. Neutrogena

neutrogena best natural

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As one of the best natural foundation products, Neutrogena also comes with anti-acne. If you have acne problems or you are afraid of breakouts, this would be the perfect product to go. In fact, the manufacturer claims that it is one of the best products for acne sensitive skin, among other benefits that you can expect from it:

  • It comes with Micro Clear system and technology that will help unclog the pores.
  • Not only it is able to prevent acne, it is also coming with control shine technology.
  • It can cover blemishes while delivering silky finish to create a fresh look.
  • It doesn’t cause irritation and it is safe for all kinds of skin types.
  • The foundation can provide good coverage without clogging the pores or drying it out.
  • The shade blends well with the skin, creating a natural look and complexion.
  • The shade may be darker than what looks on the container.

#9. Maybelline Dream

maybelline best natural

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A liquid foundation would be the best pick when you want to have a medium coverage and yet still have a light and subtle look. The features to like about this product are:

  • The design is nice and accommodative as the portability will make easier application.
  • You can expect a natural glow as if you weren’t wearing any makeup.
  • It is perfect for all kinds of skin types.
    • The foundation is light and subtle, perfect if you want to create a non-makeup look.
  • The application is easy.
  • If it doesn’t fit the skin, it will dry the skin.
  • The shade can be too orange or yellow.

Those are some of the best brands available on the market. Be sure to do your research and browse around. Only by doing so, you can find yourself the best natural foundation that creates the desired effect.

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