Best Non-comedogenic Foundation for Your Sensitive or Oily Skin

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Best Non-comedogenic Foundation Reviews – People with acne problems know how hard it is to find the right products that are suitable for their faces especially when it comes to face cleanser and makeup. Foundations are especially tricky because one should be careful not to pick a product that is made of chemicals and compounds that can trigger acne.

Foundations are meant to create an even skin-tone, cover blemishes and as the base for all makeup that follows, so it’s clear why they are incredibly useful. However, they can block your pores and ultimately give you acne. That’s why non-comedogenic foundations exist.  They use fewer additives and chemicals which can cause pores to clog and therefore are less likely to give you acne.

Non-comedogenic foundations (and all makeup in general) are recommended by dermatologists for people who have oily and acne-prone skin, although everyone should use non-comedogenic products so as to keep pores free of acne and blemishes. Here are the best non-comedogenic foundations to use for your face.

Why Non-Comedogenic Foundations are Necessary

First of all, if you have blackheads, acne or are basically prone to clogged pores then using non-comedogenic makeup may help reduce the number of breakouts you get. The easiest way to check whether a product is non-comedogenic is by checking the label. It will either say non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic. You cannot rely on the feel of a product as it is not a very good indicator whether it’s comedogenic or not.

Some products have that greasy feeling and are emollient yet they don’t contain comedogenic ingredients whereas some very light products do. You can check the ingredients on the label as well. Products with a score of 2 or less are non-comedogenic. Still, products with higher scores are sometimes still alright. It all depends on the formulation as well as how much is in the finished product.

Remember that non-comedogenic makeup is not guaranteed to solve your acne problem. They are merely made with less chance of causing your pores to clog. Moreover, everyone has a different complexion and a product that might work for your friend might irritate your skin. That’s why you need to be familiar with your own skin.

Best Non-comedogenic Foundation – Our Top Picks

Nevertheless, using non-comedogenic foundations is still the better alternative for most people especially those with a bad case of oily skin. Without further ado, peep this post for best non-comedogenic foundations below.

#1. Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation

This foundation is perfect for oily skin and is capable to stay on for so long so your skin will always look flawless. This non-comedogenic foundation is non-irritant as well and will not break you out or go extremely matte to the point where your skin looks chalky.

Make up for ever Best Non-comedogenic FoundationIt blends perfectly although you need to apply it quickly for it sets quite fast. It has a travel-friendly packaging so even if you have a really small bag or even a purse, you still can carry it inside. You can expect this foundation to last for about 7 hours.

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  • Aside from the obvious fact that this is an oil-free liquid foundation, it’s also controlling as well as water resistant that can give you a complete coverage and hide imperfections, even out your skin tone and mattify with a powder finish.
  • There are 20 shades available and this wide range of selection makes it easy for you to find the shade that matches your skin tone perfectly. The one being reviewed is shade #20 but you are free to try any shade.
  • It doesn’t contain SPF which makes it good for photograph results.
  • This foundation is able to cover acne scars really well and while it gives full coverage but you still can adjust it and the result is lightweight with a velvet matte finish.
  • Despite its thick consistency because it’s a matte foundation, it is able to blend beautifully and doesn’t feel like drying which is often the negative point of matte foundations in general.
  • It gives you a natural look as the pores look a lot smaller. It does not oxidize during the day as well and you don’t need to worry about getting any breakouts because of this.
  • While this foundation works well for oily, normal and combination skin types, this product might not be suitable for people with dry facial skin.

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#2. Dermablend Cover Crème

Looking for the best non-comedogenic foundation that has SPF in it? Consider Dermablend Cover Crème! The foundation is available in 21 shades and has SPF 30. It works as a concealer too and while many foundations that have double functions give poor coverage, this one works very well to conceal any blemishes and skin imperfection without risking clogging up your pores.

dermablend Best Non-comedogenic Foundation

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As a matter of fact, this is the #1 most recommended foundation by dermatologists in North America. It has a unique form that looks like a loose powder jar and is solid but it won’t make your face look orange and cakey. You can expect a 12-hour consistent color wear with this foundation.

  • The foundation is solid and is able to give a full coverage that can handle even major skin flaws.
  • It’s made of lightweight formulas that glide on evenly and have the capability to deliver all-day hydration. Add to that the SPF 30 sunscreen protection will protect you from bad sun exposure.
  • This foundation gives you matte finish instead of dewy finish which is really ideal for oily skin.
  • This foundation is very versatile in that you can use it however little or however much you like to build the coverage you desire and the jar only makes it last forever.
  • This foundation has proven results to cover bad under eye dark circle case. Even if you have dark circles that take over your inner corners and go up to the bridge of the nose, you still can cover it with this foundation and you won’t need a separate concealer anymore.
  • The packaging needs you to use a spatula that comes with it to scoop the foundation out and to transfer it to your finger before finally transferring it to your skin so it can be too much effort for some people.

#3. Mary Kay Foundation Primer

Mary Kay has been enjoying its existence in the beauty product industry for decades. They have several foundation variants and one of them is a foundation that acts as a primer too. It’s been dermatologically tested and is completely free of any fragrance so if you are looking for a non-comedogenic foundation, this should be on top of your list.

mary kay Best Non-comedogenic FoundationIf you are looking for an all in one product with affordable price, Mary Kay Foundation Primer plus sunscreen should be on top of your list. Mind you, other all-in-one products do not deliver smooth and great coverage like Mary Kay does so it’s really worth it.

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  • It has SPF 15 and is made of oil-free formula which is mineral-enriched that can absorb oil as well as diffuse light so the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores will reduce.
  • It has Silica as the main ingredient which is known to be an anti-caking agent and oil absorber. Add to that it acts as an optical diffuser. In other words, it’s perfect for sensitive skin.
  • It has a gel-like consistency which makes foundation application as well as blending way easier. The light diffusing properties contained in this foundation primer shouldn’t make you worry about the camera flash creating an unsightly white cast.
  • Even though this is a foundation that acts as a primer as well, it works well like any 100% primer products do. It doesn’t leave your face greasy and feeling clogged. It doesn’t leave any leftover on your hand like other primers do and your skin can still breathe after.
  • Regardless if you use this with other Mary Kay brand foundation or not, your skin will still look smooth, even, and true to color.
  • The blendability is kind of tricky for it dries pretty quickly so it can be somewhat of an annoyance if you do not do it fast enough.

#4. Vichy Dermafinish

This foundation can give you a full coverage without risking irritating your sensitive skin. It comes in a smooth texture that blends easily and leaves you with a natural finish that feels lightweight. If you have minor to moderate skin imperfections such as scars, redness or pigmentation disorders, this foundation will do just fine.

vichy Best Non-comedogenic FoundationIt has the ability to moisturize your skin all day thanks to its soothing properties of Vichy Thermal Water. You can expect a 12-hour long-lasting flawless wear and an additional 4 hours with Setting powder!

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  • This foundation has broad-spectrum SPF 30 which is enough to protect your skin against bad sun exposure. Most foundation slash sunscreen only has SPF 15.
  • It contains no fragrance and parabens whatsoever, so if you are bothered by the smell of a makeup product, you don’t have to suffer from this. it’s allergy tested as well!
  • Like any other Vichy products, this moisturizing foundation contains antioxidant-rich Mineralizing thermal Water which is sourced from the heart of the French volcanic region.
  • This foundation is dermatologically tested and is tested on sensitive skin, eyes as well as contact lenses wearers so it’s really guaranteed.
  • Vichy Dermafinish is one of the very few foundations that gives a full coverage that is really suitable for sensitive skin because the formulas in this foundation glide on easily on your skin so you can conceal skin imperfections and get a natural-looking finish.
  • This product does not make an oil-free claim so if you really want one that is sure oil-free you can opt for other products listed in this article, although Vichy Dermafinish is allergy tested so that’s fair.

#5. Shimarz Liquid Mineral Foundation

If you are looking for a foundation that best suited for vegans, then Shimarz liquid mineral foundation should be your choice. This is an all natural foundation that is 90% organic, vegan and is gluten-free.

shimarz Best Non-comedogenic Foundation

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Its impressive lightweight texture allows your skin to breathe while at the same time providing a silky smooth finish. This foundation comes in 6 shades. This is a nice natural protection from the sun that will not clog your pores like those comedogenic foundations do. Regardless if you want to hide rashes, blotchiness, unevenness or redness, this foundation can do its job for you.

  • This foundation is hypoallergenic and is guaranteed to be chemical free with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, grapefruit, shea butter, vitamin E, rice powder, and more.
  • This foundation is vegan certified and don’t have to worry about parabens, sulfates, leads, dyes, or petrochemicals being present in this product as it contains none of them.
  • This liquid mineral foundation comes in 6 shades and has a ‘correct shade guarantee’ which means the company will send you a different shade if you chose a wrong shade without having to pay money! Add to that they offer a 30-day trial as well so you can get a refund if you don’t love the product.
  • While other foundations deplete your skin of moisture and nutrition needs, this liquid mineral foundation soothes as well as hydrates your skin while still providing full and non-cakey coverage.
  • It has a rather strong smell although not particularly unpleasant, but if you don’t like makeup that has a smell, then you should look elsewhere.

#6. Bella Pierre Mineral Foundation

This is a company that focuses solely on mineral makeup and their mineral foundation provides to have a really impressive result. You won’t find any chemical compounds that you mostly find in other comedogenic products so it’s guaranteed to not clog your pores and irritate skin.

bella pierre Best Non-comedogenic Foundation

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In other words, this is might as well be the best non-comedogenic foundation for people with rosacea and acne. This foundation does not cake and can even your skin nicely. And because it’s a mineral foundation, it looks really natural on your skin.

  • This foundation contains UVA protection and the powder is SPF 15 which is not bad, although you need something stronger than that when out in the sun but it’s better than nothing.
  • They use natural ingredients such as Mica that can create a healthy glow, zinc oxides that functions as anti-inflammatory, iron oxides for long-lasting effect and titanium dioxide for protection against UVA and UVB radiation.
  • It has 10 shades with double cocoa being the darkest and ultra being the lightest.
  • Apart from being a mere mineral foundation, this product is also a concealer, SPF, finishing as well as setting powder. If that’s not the epitome of makeup versatility then we don’t know what is!
  • This mineral foundation does a really decent job in evening out your skin beautifully and giving natural finish on areas in your face that are not plagued by dark spots.
  • This product doesn’t last long in the summer and some people wish Belle Pierre had a matter version of this.

#7. BareMinerals Blemish Remedy

This one is a really powerful powder slash anti-acne foundation that can minimize visible blemishes and other imperfections on your face significantly. Add to that, you can reduce redness of skin and shine which caused by excess oil. One thing you should know that it’s intended to work gradually over time in order to reveal clearer and healthier skin.

bareminerals Best Non-comedogenic Foundation

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Whether you have normal or oily skin or any type of combination in between, this mineral foundation is good for you. One of the great things about BareMinerals’ Mineral Foundation line is that you can apply more coverage to any blemishes or imperfections without the base looking uneven and cakey.

  • Natural ingredients are used to formulate this foundation such as tea tree oil and soothing Aspen bark. This mineral foundation is extremely lightweight and non-drying as well so it can blend seamlessly with your skin.
  • It comes in 12 different shades and you can choose any shade that matches your skin tone perfectly. There is a nice brush that comes with the packaging as well.
  • It should give you a natural-looking coverage with a natural matte finish. You can choose between medium or full coverage as you like.
  • This foundation is suitable for vegans as well because no animals were harmed/used to test this product.
  • This Blemish Remedy can give a better result than the Original BareMinerals foundation in which it applies as well as wears beautifully as the original. But the finish is ideal for oily and combination skin with almost velvet finish so it glows from within.
  • This product might not be good for dry skin because it can feel tight on the cheeks even if you combine it with a moisturizer.

They are all the best non-comedogenic foundations that perform well, but still, you may find one fits your complexion than another. The best way is sometimes to mix two different shades altogether to get the result you want.

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